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Buffalo Hump Liposuction

Buffalo HumpA buffalo hump is a health condition caused by excess fat buildup in the area between the shoulder blades up to the back of the neck. Patients suffering from a buffalo hump in Santa Monica rely on Dr. Ralph A. Massey to remove the excess fat through high-quality liposuction.

What Is Buffalo Hump Liposuction?

When people develop a buffalo hump due to obesity, it becomes a problem for their posture and aesthetics. The fat buildup strains the back area from the neck to the shoulder blades, making people look like they have a hunchback. Liposuction is a great procedure to remove fat buildup and treat a buffalo hump.

Is Buffalo Hump Liposuction Right for Me?

Healthy patients with a body mass index within 25 to 30 are ideal candidates for buffalo hump lipo. Candidates for buffalo hump liposuction must have realistic expectations in terms of results. Patients who want to improve their posture and aesthetics by removing their buffalo hump are excellent candidates for this procedure.

The best candidates are those who are unable to address a buffalo hump using diet and exercise. Candidates must be committed to following a healthy lifestyle to maintain their ideal body weight after the surgery.

Dr. Massey is an award-winning surgeon with 20+ years of experience performing liposuction on his patients in Santa Monica, California.
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Your Consultation

During your liposuction consultation, we will listen to your needs and your aesthetic goals. We will evaluate your health to ensure that you are fit for a liposuction procedure. You must disclose your medical records; these will help us make sure that your buffalo hump is not due to a medical condition. If it is, that condition must be addressed before surgery can take place.

We will talk to you about the steps involved in buffalo hump liposuction, and we will also address any questions. Instructions will be provided to help you prepare for the liposuction procedure.

The Procedure

Buffalo hump liposuction can take around one hour. We will not administer general anesthesia but will instead use local anesthesia with sedation. This avoids the potential side effects of general anesthesia, making the procedure safer and recovery quicker.

Small incisions will be made to inject the tumescent fluid, which will cause the fatty tissue to become swollen for easier removal. A cannula will be inserted to loosen the fat cells from the surrounding tissues, and then the cells will be removed from the body via medical suction.

The Buffalo Hump Liposuction Recovery Period

Swelling will be controlled with a compressive garment after the liposuction procedure. Prescriptions will be given to help the patient deal with any temporary pain or discomfort after the procedure.

The patient will be prohibited from doing regular physical activities for the first few days of recovery. Dr. Massey will inform the patient once physical activities can be resumed.

How Much Does Buffalo Hump Liposuction Cost?

The cost of buffalo hump liposuction will depend on the treatment plan. The size of the buffalo hump and the volume of excess fat to be removed may affect the total price of the liposuction procedure.

Schedule Your Consultation

When it comes to addressing a buffalo hump, Santa Monica cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ralph Massey is the ideal choice. Schedule your consultation by contacting us today!

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"Dr Massey, you are a rarity today and a fine representation of what a doctor should be… caring for the patient above all else. Thank you most deeply for your beautiful work on my nose. Thank you most especially for seeing me through a very traumatic experience with outstanding care, sensitivity and professionalism."

-Suzanne B.

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For Dr. Massey safety is the first priority with any surgery. He has personally performed hundreds of liposuction surgeries, and none of his patients has had any type of serious complication. Indeed in a recent study of over 15,000 patients treated with tumescent liposuction there was not a single serious complication.

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