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Our Cosmetic Surgery Center

At the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Santa Monica, we’re not just a surgical center; we’re your trusted destination for the best plastic surgery procedures in Santa Monica. Established in 2001 with a vision to provide state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery services, we’ve strived to create an environment that not only prioritizes safety and care but also offers tranquility and stunning views that soothe the soul.

Your Trusted Santa Monica Cosmetic Surgeon

If you’re searching for a top Santa Monica cosmetic surgeon, look no further. Our journey began with Dr. Ralph Massey’s unwavering commitment to patient safety and comfort. We understand that when you choose us, you’re entrusting us with your well-being and self-esteem. Therefore, we’ve diligently pursued state certification as a surgical center, which holds us to the highest possible standards of patient care and safety. This certification is not just a badge; it’s a promise to you that we maintain a continuous program of quality assurance.

Discover Plastic Surgery in Santa Monica

From the moment you step into our center, you’ll experience an ambiance designed to alleviate anxiety and stress. Our waiting room offers panoramic views of the city, creating a serene setting to calm your nerves. The operating room and recovery room are strategically positioned to provide you with breathtaking ocean views, helping you unwind before and after your plastic surgery in Santa Monica.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Our dedicated staff is not just professionally trained but they are also genuinely caring individuals who always put your safety and comfort first. We believe in going above and beyond to assist and support you throughout your plastic surgery journey. We are not just here to perform surgeries; we are here to make your experience with us as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Our Patients Are Our Best Ambassadors

We take immense pride in the trust our patients place in us. We firmly believe that a satisfied patient is our best ambassador. Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the surgical room; it’s a lifelong commitment to ensuring your continued satisfaction and happiness.

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Your journey to self-improvement begins here. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Massey, ask questions, or simply learn more about plastic surgery in Santa Monica and the best plastic surgery procedures. We’re excited to be a part of your transformation and look forward to providing you with the care and expertise you deserve.

Patient Testimonials


"Dr Massey, you are a rarity today and a fine representation of what a doctor should be… caring for the patient above all else. Thank you most deeply for your beautiful work on my nose. Thank you most especially for seeing me through a very traumatic experience with outstanding care, sensitivity and professionalism."

-Suzanne B.

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Before & afters

For Dr. Massey safety is the first priority with any surgery. He has personally performed hundreds of liposuction surgeries, and none of his patients has had any type of serious complication. Indeed in a recent study of over 15,000 patients treated with tumescent liposuction there was not a single serious complication.

An image displaying the contrast between a woman's abdominal area prior to and following a tummy tuck surgery.
Visible change in a woman's tummy after undergoing liposuction, highlighting the effectiveness of the procedure.
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